Octopus pillow fight package:

Europrime Hotel


GA - R1400 plus R60 booking fee

VVIP - R3850 Plus R70 booking fee 

Octo-comfort package:

Birchwood Hotel


GA  Birchwood value room - R1750 plus R60 Booking fee 

GA Birchwood standard room R1900  plus R60 booking fee

GA Silver Birch room - R2100 plus R70 booking fee 

VVIP Birchwood value room - R4100 plus R80 Booking fee 

VVIP Birchwood standard room R4250   plus R80 booking fee

VVIP  Silver Birch room - R4400 plus R80 booking fee 


Tentacle dreams package: 

Metcourt – Emperors Palace


GA R1900 plus R60 booking fee 

VVIP - R4200 plus R80 booking fee 

All packages include 2 x tickets and a double room.
Shuttle Service to and From The Event