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The final wave crashed and we were pulled out to sea
In the waves of change we found our true direction
Into a new world and another dimension
Deep down inside and beneath the surface
Where weedy sea dragons dance into the night
Mermaid’s tails shimmer in the lights
Where an Octopus is the DJ
And Jellyfish groove in the air all day
Where the noise of the world is muted
And you are completely tuned into the music
It’s into the world of OCTOPIA

Pioneering the South African dance scene for the past 20 years, a team of passionate party creators dive deep into a personal relationship with the element of water and bring you an electronic music festival with a fresh future forward approach to event décor, production, music and expression. The well-known and well-loved party venue - Wild Waters, will transform into a dream-like under water world of magic drawing inspiration from what lies beneath the depths, creating a dreamland of imagination, love, freedom, respect and a common passion for dance!


You wouldn’t believe it, until you’ve seen it…